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Anthropologist, prehistorian 

Julien Monney holds a PhD in prehistoric anthropology, researching the ethnoarchaeology of cave art, Julien has been the director of dating the decorated caves in the gorge of Ardèche since 2008, more specifically the cave of Deux-Ouvertures, the cave at Points d'Aiguèze and at Tête-du-Lion. Moreover, he is studying the engraved rocks of Guadeloupe at Morne Rita and Trois-Rivières. He is informally participating in the ethnographic research directed by Leïla Baracchini in Southern Africa in the Kuru Art Project.

He has been working at Chauvet Cave since 2004, first as an intern and he then joined the team in 2008. He plays a part in drawing up the SIG, the study of charcoal traces (remains, impacts from torches, etc) and collaborates with Hélène Valladas and Anita Quiles to reflect on including datings in chronological reasoning.


Archaeological sites,Charcoal marks