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Bertrand KERVAZO

Geologist specialising in the stratigraphic and sedimentological study of French prehistoric sites 

Research engineer at the National Prehistory Centre of Perigueux - Dordogne - (Ministry of Culture and Communication) from 1978 to 2012. Head of the sedimentology department. Part of the UMR 5199 PACEA "From prehistory to the Present, Culture, Environment, Anthropology" in Bordeaux until 2012.

He was involved in various different research projects and studied over 60 deposits, among which were key archaeology sites such as La Quina, Solutré, Le Placard, Villerest, Le Martinet ... and the caves of Rouffignac and Cussac. His work aimed at recreating the evolution of human environment landscapes, climates at guiding archaeological interpretation by evaluating the condition of remains (alteration, mixing) and helping in preservation, especially in decorated caves.

He formed part of the Chauvet Cave scientific team right from the beginning, initially involved in the reconstruction of the site's geological history. Then, together with Évelyne Debard and Catherine Ferrier, he studied the taphonomy of the floors and walls in order to better understand the reasons behind the layout of the remains, in particular the wall paintings (constraints of the medium, the choice of people, alteration after painting). This study also showed the impact of large fires, at least the part attributable to the Aurignacians, the purpose of which remains unknown for now.


Underground landscape,Preservation,Underground landscape,Collapse,Evolution of the cave