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Évelyne DEBARD

Geologist, specialising in geoarchaeology and sedimentology.

Retired senior lecturer at the Universitity of Claude Bernard Lyon 1, associated with UMR 5276 at the CNRS. Her PhD thesis, presented in 1987, deals with the reconstitution of  paleoenvironments based studying the filling of prehistorical sites in the Ardèche. She then worked on other karstic sites in the Ardèche and neighbouring regions. She has also contributed to the study of quaternary palaeonotological deposits, known all over the world. Internationally, she has taken part in excavations at the ancient Paleolithic sites of Melka Kunturé in Ethiopia and Oubeidiyeh in Israel, as well as at the oldest prehistoric site of the Americas, in Brazil.

She has been with the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc Cave scientific team since 1999. At first, she took part in drawing up the geomorphological cartography of the floors, which enabled the team to establish the evolution of the cave from when it was hollowed out in the solid limestone to the present. She collaborated with the sedimentological study of the deposits visible on the surface or underneath (decanting in the Hillaire Chamber, sounding). She then developed  together with Catherine Ferrier and Bertrand Kervazo  a taphonomic approach to the walls, in order to study the medium onto which the artworks were painted, and the alterations they incurred after painting. With her colleagues, she has demonstrated the significant thermal impact on the walls related to fires lit by prehistoric humans in several areas of the cave.


Hearths and heated areas,Archaeology of the Megaloceros Gallery,Hillaire Chamber,Underground landscape,Preservation,Underground landscape,Collapse,Evolution of the cave,The Hillaire Chamber - North