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Cave art specialist belonging to the PACEA Joint Research Unit, UMR 5199, University of Bordeaux, Pessac. Member of the scientific team since 1998 working with Dominique Baffier and Camille Bourdier.

Valérie Feruglio likes visiting decorated caves with their discoverer. She likes missions abroad to meet people... driving beautiful Italian cars... discovering a prehistoric artist through his or her struggles with the material... sharing her discoveries with all audiences. She likes turning off her headlight in the caves and listening to the darkness... studying prehistoric art objects by imagining them in the hands of the artist, many thousands of years ago.

Valérie Feruglio does not like us to think that women were not able to paint in caves... she doesn't like drinking bad coffee. She does not like to be shown decorated pananels while talking constantly. She does not like the belief that cave art was disconnected from society. She does not like History of Art books that begin with Antiquity, forgetting Prehistory.


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