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Bernard GÉLY

Archaeologist, prehistorian, specialising in Palaeolithic decorated caves in Ardèche

An engineer for the DRAC Rhônes-Alpes regional archaeology service, he has been working since 1980 on the Prehistory of Ardèche in the caves of Ebbou, Deux-Ouvertures and Colombier, as well as Baume-Latrone in the Gardon valley. His work relates to scientific study (sounding, sampling), assessing discoveries (the Gulf of Émilie), and following up on cave protection systems in the region.

On 29 December 1994, he took part in the assessment of the Chauvet-Pont d'Arc Cave, and from then was in charge of the preservation of the cave until the preservation service was set up in 2000. He has been a member of the scientific team since 1998 (as a manager). In this role, he took part in the general inventory of the drawings and traces of human activity in the cave. He also carried out micro-sounding in the cave, a task linked to the placing of walkways, and in the neighbouring caves used as technical bases. In 2005, together with Marc Azéma, he published a book on the depictions of mammoths in Chauvet Cave. Since then, together with Frédéric Maksud, he has been working on stratigraphic control soundings at different points in the cave (the Hillaire Chamber, the Megaloceros Gallery, the Brunel Chamber and the entrance area).


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