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Prehistorian. Curator General of Heritage (honorary).

Specialist in prehistoric Palaeolithic art, Jean Clottes has led numerous research projects in caves at: Cosquer, Niaux, Enlène and Églises, and Placard. He has worked on sites outside France in various countries, from North America to the Sahara Desert, India and Australia. His extensive bibliography  consisting of top scientific publications and works for the general public  stands witness to his ongoing commitment to spreading knowledge on Prehistory.

On 29 December 1994, just a few days after the discovery of the Chauvet-Pont d'Arc Cave, his expertise was called for. His report outlined the key principles for preservation and research in the cave. In 1998, the Ministry of Culture and Communication accepted the research project he put forward in response to their call for international applications. He managed the scientific team from 1998 to 2002, when Jean-Michel Geneste took over. As an essential member of the scientific team, he continued his work at Chauvet studying, together with Marc Azéma, the right-hand wall in the End Chamber and the rocky pendants around the great collapse in the Hillaire Chamber.


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