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Céline BON

Speciality: Palaeogenomics. Musée de l’Homme, Senior Lecturer at the Musée de l’Homme. CNRS UMR 7206 - USM 104 at the Museum 

Céline studied at the Higher School of Cachan, a specialist in Life and Earth Sciences, she presented her PhD thesis at Atomic Energy, and did a post-doctorate at the Higher School on the Rue d'Ulm. Senior Lecturer at the National Museum of Natural History, she studies the DNA present in historic and prehistoric fossils.

During her PhD she became interested in the genetic analysis of animal remains in the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc Cave. She sequenced the mitochondrial genome of the cave bear and, from the genetic diversity of the species, showed that it most probably disappeared from Ardèche 30,000 years ago. She also developed an analysis method based on coprolites, which enables us to study the genome of a species and its diet at the same time.


Cave Bears,The Wolf,Wolf Coprolites