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Jean-Michel GENESTE

Archaeologist of the Palaeolithic. Associate member of the CNRS PACEA UMR and EDYTEM. Honorary general curator of heritage. 

As curator and then research manager at Lascaux Cave, he has been studying the archaeology of decorated caves for over two decades. He has been running the multidisciplinary study programme at Chauvet-Pont d’Arc cave since 2002. 

He has coordinated archaeological research programmes in France, Ukraine, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and currently in Terre d’Arnhem. He has edited various books on the Palaeolithic and cave art and has written numerous articles. Furthermore, he is involved in the dissemination of prehistory by audiovisual means and new technologies. 

In Chauvet Cave, Jean-Michel Geneste studies archaeological remains such as stone and bone tools and their layout on the site, coordinating with researchers involved in traceological and lithological analyses in order to determine the supply grounds visited by the groups who inhabited the cave. Ground structures, the entrance and the material constructions of space around the decorated zones also hold a special interest for Jean-Michel. His main concern is the inclusion of chronological data and datings in archaeological reasoning.


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