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Norbert AUJOULAT †

Prehistorian. Heritage curator at the National Prehistory Centre 

For over 30 years, Norbert Aujoulat was involved in the national policy of the Ministry of Culture and Communication for the preservation of decorated caves. He founded the Cave Art Department at the CNP, managed to take on fieldwork (Lascaux, the Beune Valley, Chauvet, Cussac), a top level scientific and methodological reflection as a PhD holder entitled to direct research, thesis management and courses in France and abroad all at the same time, while fulfilling his work of gathering data (developing the HADES and ARTMOB data bases), preserving documentation (GESTDOC), and assessing and preserving sites. He also worked on more distant cave art sites, in France (La Carapa, Guyane) and in other countries (Spain, Portugal, Namibia, South Africa). 

Norbert Aujoulat has been a member of the Chauvet-Pont d'Arc cave team since it was set up, and for fourteen years contributed to its work by means of his writings and reports, tracings of cave art, scientific archives, video recordings, drawing up the SIG, 3D models and his great knowledge of materials and of the taphonomic evolution of the walls and related artworks.


Panel of the Large Engraved Horse,Large Engraved Horse,Two interlocking mammoths