By its central position, both within the panel and in the space it occupies, this imposing black figure of an aurochs organises the iconography of the entire Nave. At 2.2 metres long, it is larger than most of the other figures in this part of the cave.
The outlines and the external anatomical segments, such as the horns and hooves, have been engraved onto a vast, black-coloured surface, or brown for the dorsal section. The muzzle, the tips of the horns and the hooves have been reproduced by a brush, while the other colour zones were laid down using the spray technique. Note the doubled ventral line, offset by a few centimetres.
Engraved segments of certain figures that appear to be white can be seen on the flanks of the aurochs, particularly one of a rearing horse. The effect comes from the weakening of the support caused by the passage of the engraver's tool, which was temporarily subsequently consolidated by the presence of crushed pigment, and then revived by natural corrosion phenomena.

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