This illustration of room 1 of the musée gallo-romain, also known as the Stone Age Room, was produced by the illustrator Auguste Deroy and the engraver Julien-Antoine Peulot. Peulot was known for his lively engravings of visitors at the universal exhibition in 1867, after the style of the famous engraver and caricaturist Honoré Daumier. This engraving of the room dedicated to the prehistoric period is true to descriptions of the room dating from that time. We can see the furnishings and displays designed by the architect, Millet, as well as the antlers of the Megaloceros and the well-filled display cases. The visitors, often in couples, stop to look at the items on display, showing the interest that the museum has for the public. The museum’s creators wanted it to be both scientific and educational.

MAN ©MAN/Valorie Gô
Engraving of a view of the large Stone Age Room at the musée gallo-romain