A quick glance at this panel reveals the figures of five horses. In fact, there are fourteen, but most of them are incomplete or difficult to make out. Except for a sketch placed in front of the bison, the group is distributed across the centre and on the left-hand panel. Most of them are facing the entrance to the gallery. The standard spatial organisation into a frieze is disturbed by elements that are either facing the opposite direction or somewhat isolated, like the two subjects at the base that form a diptych.
The dominant animal, the "Stallion", takes up the central portion of the composition. The head and mane have been traced with multiple lines, an artifice suggesting motion. Seven vertical, arrow-shaped lines, oriented vertically, are distributed across its flank. Other geometric signs are associated with the outlines of the two other horses that frame the Stallion.

© Ministère de la Culture/Centre National de la Préhistoire/Norbert Aujoulat