1: Étiolles
2: Les Trois Frères (parietal art)
3: Massat (parietal art)
4: Altamira (parietal art)
5: La Madeleine (portable art)
6: Tolentino (portable art)

Figures with a combination of human and animal attributes are seen on several objects and walls dating from the Middle and Upper Magdalenian (no.s 2 to 6). The majority seem to be male, except for one figure with a breast engraved on a pebble at La Madeleine (Dordogne) and another with the body of a woman and the head of a doe from Tolentino (Italy) (no.s 5 and 6).

The spindle-shaped object in front of the mouth is similar to something described as a “nose flute”, recorded by H. Breuil on a “sorcerer”, part-human and part-bison, engraved on a wall in the Trois-Frères cave (Ariège) (no. 2).

© H. Breuil and M. Dauvois; Cl. Barrière; H. Breuil; G. Tosello; F. d’Errico
Drawings of figures for comparison of the therianthrope on the engraved pebble