Elisa Caron-Laviolette

Elisa Caron-Laviolette is a doctoral student of prehistoric archaeology at the Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and member of the Prehistoric Ethnology team in the ArScAn UMR 7041 joint research project.

She adopts a palaeosociological approach in her research, aiming to understand the way of life and social organisation of Magdalenian hunter-gatherers in the Paris Basin, in particular at Étiolles. By analysing flint products and using the precise records of the locations of remains from excavations, she aims to reconstruct the daily lives of the inhabitants of the D71 habitations during their stays at the site. More broadly, her work helps to explore variability in the Magdalenians’ way of life.

For several years, she has played an active role in both excavation and training students at Étiolles, as well as finding new ways of surveying archaeological levels.