In July 2001, an open house day was held in a local school, and this tradition continued throughout the life of the project. Most often held at the Saint-Malo-Rocabey Police Academy, these events gave the general public a chance to meet the excavation team directly at the worksite. A discovery trail, new each year, offered a visit to the inventory and treatment lab, an exhibition of objects – some of them immersed in an aquarium – posters, films and slideshows created by the team members. The full team was on hand to guide visitors and answer their questions.
The wreck site was off-limits to both ships and divers, but was opened from time to time during the campaign, and local divers were invited to discover the Natière wrecks. When they arrived at the site a member of the team would present the archaeological work and the progress made. They were then given plasticized maps of the site and allowed to dive down and discover the work of the excavation team.