Given the abundant material found in and around the wrecks, it became clear early on that it needed to be entrusted to specialised labs capable of process the full set of archaeological objects. The team naturally turned to two of France's largest conservation and restoration labs, Arc'Antique in Nantes and Arc-Nucléart in Grenoble. Starting in 1999, these two organisations provided storage spaces for the objects from the excavations that were awaiting cataloguing and treatment.
Under agreements signed with both labs, the archaeological project agreed to take on interns wishing to complete their theoretical training with field experience, and also to provide archaeological vestiges that could be used in laboratory research projects.
The treatment and restoration of leather objects was carried out by Céline Bonnot-Diconne, at first within Arc-Nucléart, and then at her own lab, 2CRC, in Moirans.