According to the Inventaire de la Marine du Roy (ANF, Marine G/13 bis, fol 7), the Dauphine had a tonnage of 180 tonnes, an indicator that was understood at the time as the deadweight tonnage of the vessel, or a displacement of 350–400 tonnes. If we use the formula given in the Grande Ordonnance de la Marine from 1681 (cf. Charles Osmont edition from 1714, pp. 185-186), we can estimate the deadweight tonnage at 104 x 27 x 14 / 100 = 393 tonnes, or a total displacement of between 750 and 800 tonnes. It should be remember, however, that the 1681 calculation was an "administrative" one, not well adapted to very special hulls like that of the Dauphine. Displacement estimates vary considerably depending on the formula used, ranging from 350/400 tonnes to 750/800 tonnes. Thus, we will simply hypothesise that the Dauphine's displacement was somewhere between 550 and 750 tonnes, or a deadweight tonnage of 250 to 350 tonnes.