Reconstructing the shape of the ship's hull was done using cross-sections of various parts of the wreck, which were taken during underwater excavations. Step by step, we were able to reconstruct the hull. At this step, certain parts of the ship's upper-works, such as the gangway knees (nat 2168 and 2169) provided essential information about the curve of the top-timbers. To estimate the ship's depth, we consulted data supplied by the Inventaire de la Marine du Roy (ANF, Marine G/13 bis, fo 7), which lists the Dauphine as having a moulded depth of 11.5 feet "at the keelson and below the beam", i.e. at the level of the main-frame, an estimated depth of 14 feet from the top of the keel to the top of the main beam. At the end of this lengthy investigation, which extended from the archives to computer-aided drawing applications, the main dimensions of the Dauphine were estimated to be as follows: - Length between stem to stern : 104 pieds (33.77 m) - Tread of the keel: 92 pieds (30 m) - Maximum beam: 27 pieds, 5 pouces, (8.92 m) - Depth: 14 pieds, (4.55 m).