The archives of the city of Granville were destroyed in the Second World War, and thus we are unable to trace the full history of the Aimable Grenot and those who commissioned her. Nevertheless, archival sources tell us that this frigate took part in two major campaigns of commerce raiding prior to the signature of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle in October 1748, which brought the War of the Austrian Succession to a close. After this, it was used for trading with Cadiz. In addition, from outfitting rolls preserved in the Service Historique de la Marine in Cherbourg, we learn that the ship had two captains, Pierre de la Houssaye until November 1747, followed by Joseph François Hugon, sieur du Prey, who was at the helm when the ship foundered on 6 May 1749. To satisfy their curiosity, archaeologists also turned to the collections of the Morlaix Admiralty, which are preserved in Brest; in 1747 and 1748, the various voyages of the Aimable Grenot were reported in Morlaix. They gave rise to a great many appearances of its successive captains and prize captains before the Lieutenant Général et procureur du Roy de l’Amirauté de Morlaix to report an ever-growing number of prize ships. Both captains of the Aimable Grenot distinguished themselves by their daring, and the ship's reputation quickly became legendary.