Taken together, the raiding sorties carried out by Pierre de la Houssaye and Joseph Hugon netted nearly 700,000 livres in profits (368,840 for La Houssaye and 301,835 for Joseph Hugon) for the ship-owners and crews – an enormous amount of money for the period. This success must have been quite attractive for those seeking to ship out on a commerce raider. This perhaps explains the prepartition of the Aimable Grenot's craw during its second stint as a privateer. Of the officers and sailors, 288 were from Lower Normandy, and from Granville in particular, but there were also 86 seamen from Saint-Brieuc and its region, as well as a few others from Le Havre, de Saint-Malo, Lannion, Nantes and Angoulême. In all, the ship's company totalled 381 men.